Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bully S/R Redo #2 Connor Peterson

Summary Response Outline

Connor Peterson

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, main idea
The documentary "Bully", directed by Lee Hirsch, explores five cases of peer to peer bullying across the country and the sometimes tragic consequences that result from it.
  • Supporting ideas to prove main idea
Hirsch depicts the consequences of bullying by visiting young people who have been bullied and sharing their stories firsthand. This documentary helps people understand how bullying can impact a person’s personality and how it can cause them to do something drastic.
  • Explanation of ideas
In Lee Hirsch's’ documentary about bullying, young kids tell their story about how they are bullied, how it changes them, and how they cope. One of the children Hirsh profiles says she has tried to commit suicide three times because people bully her for being gay and another admits to not feeling emotions anymore. Some of the ways the kids cope are by moving and changing schools, resorting to violence, and in the worst case scenario, committing suicide.
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
As Lee Hirsch depicts in his film "Bully", bullying is a widespread event that can have many life changing consequences for kids around the country that experience it everyday.

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, agree/disagree (correctly portrays/ incorrectly portrays), because ___________ and ______________
"Bully", by Lee Hirsch, distinctly portrays bullying across America because it takes the audience through the different experiences of children who have been bullied and how it has affected them and their families.
  • Claim 1: Bullying can have severe consequences and those resonsible need to be help accountable.
    • Set-up - Hirsch accurately depicts the power bullying has over a person. He also shows us how widespread it is and the lack of accountability for the sometimes tragic consequences of bullying.
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “quotation” Jeff Johnson, a pastor at the local church of a child who committed suicide, asks at the community meeting, “If bartenders are responsible for a drunk that goes out and kills somebody, how come the bullies aren’t responsible for the death of this precious child?” (Hirsh).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove claim - Jeff Johnson explains that he believes the bullies are responsible for the deaths of the kids they have bullied and should be held accountable for those deaths. Many people depicted in the film share those same beliefs.
    • Counterclaim 1: However..... the person being bullied has ultimate control over their life and actions.
    • Set-up - However, bullying should not ruin a person’s life unless the person being bullied allows it to do so. It is a person’s choice to believe a bully and let that person control their actions. They can choose to ignore the bully and live a happy life.
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” Not all the children in Hirsh’s film took drastic measures to escape their bullies. Alex, one of the kids profiled in the film says, “I don't believe in luck, but I believe in hope.” (Hirsch).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove counterclaim - Although Alex is intensely bullied every day, he chooses to be happy and tries not to let what the bullies do or say get in the way. Some kids choose to commit suicide after being bullied, but they could have chosen instead to ignore the bullies and be happy.
  • What are the strengths/ flaws of this argument?
    • A common view is that a kid can still choose to be happy even when they are getting bullied. However, many children don’t yet have the emotional strength to deal with such torment and can see no way out of their situation. We cannot deny that suicide is a choice the bullied children make themselves and no one forced them to do it. But it's more complicated than that because they are pushed to their breaking point by their peers who are committing the bullying. It is hard for someone to imagine the torment these bullied kids feel every day unless they go through it themselves. Unfortunately, bullying is not found in just one school, but impacts millions of children. Race, gender, appearance, and actions fuel bullying. A friend of one of the girls being bullied states the following, “Anytime someone comes around that’s the least bit different, they make sure to put them down” (Hirsch). It is not easy to ignore a bully because their words and actions can seriously alter the victim’s clear thinking.
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
    • The film "Bully", by Lee Hirsch, brings to life some of the troubles kids face across the country who have been bullied and the drastic consequences these kids sometimes take to escape the torment of their bullies.

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